Bringing Harmony Healing And Wellness

to Mind, Body, Soul and Heart 

Raising Energetic Vitality and Space Clearing of Homes, Lands and Workplaces 

Photo (C) Jack Thompson

The heart of my practice and greatest love is to Share loving positive energy with all living beings. I was born with the ability to feel and sense energy vibrations in all objects and living beings Human or Animal.
When I trained to practice Reiki, integrated (Angel) Energy Therapy and Crystal Energy Healing it gave an explanation and meaning to all the energy sensations and spiritual encounters I had seen and felt since I was a child. I had come home to my soul’s purpose in this life.
It gave definition, reason and structure to the language and life I had lived with, empowering me to channel and harness this Universal and Angelic energy for humans and animals highest good and highest healing.

Reiki, meditation, spiritual practice and all alternative therapies that I have trained in or experienced have transformed my life into one of well being, harmony, peace, joy, abundance, clarity, love, courage, service, grace and ease – all of which are the why and language of the soul.

1 - 1 Crystal & Reiki Energy Healing Treatments For People & Animals

Empowering your body to self heal, restore wellness, increase energy, assist sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, aid recovery from trauma, illness and surgery. bringing natural balance to your Mind, Heart, Soul and Body.

E60 - 1 hour session @Elle's Natural Wellness in Midleton.

Mobile Service Provided for in homes of clients E60 - 1 hour.

Dogs & Cats E40 - 40 min                                                                  Horses E60 - 1 hourTreatment. 

  Travel costs apply                    

Angel, Crystal & Reiki Meditation Groups

An hour of relaxation for you. Relax, Rejunvenate &Reenergise.

Chakra Balancing, Angel, Crystal and Reiki Healing through Elle's beautiful guided Meditations.

Increase your wellness and Positivity.

Join a group At Elle's Natural Wellness in Midleton. E10 per person.                                            Or                                            Contact Elle to organise a Meditation Class at your Home within East Cork.  E15  per person, Min group of 10. Travel costs apply for longer distances.


Angel Card Healing Readings 
Increase Well being. Loving healing for you spiritually, mentally and emotionally   through guidance, love support and blessings from Angels.

E60 - 40 min Reading @ Elle's Natural Wellness in Midleton.        Contact Elle To discuss Angel Card Healing Readings in your home.


Home, Land and Work  Space Clearings

Raise the Energetic vitality. Cleanse Clear and Renergise Spaces.

Bringing peace, harmony and love to all places.

Contact Elle to discuss your individual space clearing needs.                                              Photograph (C) Jack Thompson

Elle's Natural Wellness Workshops

"Sharing loving energy with all living beings" "Breathing in i send myself love, Breathing out i send love to someone else who needs it"

Crystal Exploration Workshops

A day of understanding & using crystals for your healing, wellness, abundance, protection, guidance, energy clearing & meditations.

Learn how to bring them into your home, work, relationships & bodies for alleviating stress, tension, negativity, removing stagnant energy, promoting well being, self healing, increasing confidence, creativity, effective communication and numerous other amazing benefits.

You'll learn how to balance your chakra's & energy fields with crystals, the significance of incorporating crystals into all areas of your life & understanding the gifts they offer you.

Elle's Crystal workshops empower your return to desired optimum health & well being, gaining knowledge insight & awareness about the beautiful world of crystals.

Includes a healthy lunch with refreshments & your own crystal set.

Cost E110 Tickets @

Contact Elle @0879242921 or email @ for further informatioon and booking

"Introduction to Angels workshops"

Elle invites you to her beautiful, relaxing & heart centered workshops learning how to connect with Angels, your Guardian Angels & Animal Spirit Guides. You will learn with like minded souls how to invoke Angels into your daily life to assist in all situations, provide guidance, support, encouragement, insight & uplift you in your daily life. Angels can offer you healing and protection.

Through Elle's unique personal experiences with angels, spirits & crystals she will empower you with insights and learning on self healing & how to allow Angels in for your highest good and wellness.

Do you already feel or see energy? Are you reluctant to vocalize what you encounter spiritually in your life. Through Elle's loving and open approach you will be empowered to connect with angels and understand to connect with angels and understand it is for everyone & not just a chosen few.

Do you want angels help in releasing negativity, anger, fear, hurt frustration and overwhelming situations? Does your spiritual side desire for nurturing and nourishment. In Elle's workshop you will learn how to bring in certain angels for particular aspects of healing, also incorporating crystals for your overall wellness and raising your energetic vibration, making it easier to channel angelic loving guidance.

Prepare to strengthen your connection to your spirituality, insight and heart.

Sunday Workshops To be held in Cork and Kildare throughout 2019.

  Next workshop date is Sunday 27th January 2019 Held in East cork @ Elle's Natural Wellness. 10am - 4pm E110

Places can be purchased prior to release dates @

  Contact Elle on 0870-9242921 or email- for further information and booking

Tidal Soul Connection, coming to you in February 2019

Posted by Emer O'Neill on Jan 28, 2019


In the mad rush that we usually find ourselves in, we can often end up feeling disconnected. Flying around on autopilot, self care a mere pipe dream. Living our lives this way, when constant 'doing' is celebrated and 'being' is seen as a luxury, it is easy to end up feeling burnt out, anxious, low, exhausted, frazzled... the list goes on!

Tidal Soul Connection


You know my thoughts on taking time to breathe, time JUST for you, time to reconnect, time to create (whatever that entails) and time to be. I've written about it before. Well now I'm taking it a step further to deliver something WONDERFUL in an exciting collaboration with my good friend Elle. Elle is a fellow small business owner, the ray of sunshine behind Elle's Natural Wellness. She is a Reiki practitioner, angel & crystal healer and all 'round breath of fresh air! We have decided to combine our areas of expertise and passion to deliver a truly unique and beneficial experience to you.


Tidal Soul Connection is a course of weekly sessions, delivered in a peaceful, relaxed environment here in East Cork, where we will delve into authentically connecting with our inner strength and calm... using the sea as our inspiration! After all, the sea can teach us so many lessons about ourselves. During a session, Elle will lead us through a number of ocean inspired meditations which will be intermingled with bouts of intuitive, abstract, playful art, facilitated under my guidance and inspired by the meditations and the sea. There is absolutely no experience required. These will not be 'art lessons' that will be formally taught and work will not be critiqued, this is simply time for us to discover, explore, connect, feel and PLAY! Zero pressure.


Do you think you need this time for yourself? Or you know someone who does? Elle and I would really appreciate you spreading the word as we get these sessions up and running. Thank you!

Here are the details:

Each block of sessions will run for 6 weeks, on Monday mornings from 10:30am to 12pm near Cloyne. We are kicking off on Monday 11th February!

A block of sessions costs €120, or pay before 7th February to get the discounted rate of €100. All materials will be provided. 

To book or to make an enquiry, please contact me at

Elle and I are so excited to meet you and deliver what we feel will be a beautiful, soulful way to spend a Monday morning!


Highly recommend Tidal Soul Studio for Emer's amazing Irish Seaglass Jewellry, Irish Seascapes and "Tidal Soul Connection" sessions


Read what clients are saying about Elle's amazing treatment sessions

"Really recommend Reiki to people as it has changed my life so much, more relaxed and used to get pins and needles in my right hand, there gone now, after a few sessions with Michelle, sleeping so much better and feeling away more relaxed in myself thanks to Michelle, love and Light"

"I had never heard of reiki before meeting Michelle and to be honest I was probably the most skeptical person ever in the beginning. You’d be surprised what an open mind can do though. Michelle has completely won me over! She goes above and beyond and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me.Truly grateful. Michelle is possibly the kindest most gentle and caring person I’ve ever met. That being said she’s also great craic, her bubbly, chatty personality would put anyone at ease. She is absolutely gifted at what she does and I couldn’t recommend her enough!!! A life changing experience to say the least. I still see Michelle for reiki to this day and will most definitely continue attending. Always a LOVELY experience and a pleasure to work with xxx

" What an amazing experience for both me and my 6 week old baby, Maisie! Michelle is truly amazing, so incredibly calming and reassuring! Maisie has been showing signs of colic/reflux and I wanted to take a natural approach in order to relieve her symptoms. I am amazed at how unbelievably content my little angel is since her sessions with Michelle. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. A true gem! I can't thank you enough"

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